Our goal

One of our most important goals is to always be able to truly create your vision while offering reasonable pricing. We will be more than happy to see how we can fit your vision within a budget you might want to stay at. It is our sincere hope all our clients enjoy what we create and we would never consider any order just a cake. We give every order the attention and dedication it deserves hence our pricing reflects exactly that.

Our Quality

Everything is baked fresh at our shop and our butter cream is whipped up right there whenever needed. Freshness is our mission and we do not want to use just some bucket sale product in order to reduce our costs and offer cheaper pricing. Since 1996 that dedication to provide, moist and deliciously fresh cakes, has gained us our reputation. True value for money is what we want to offer.

about copyrights

We are limited among other things by copyrights these days where companies want to make sure they get their share of anything sold related to their shows and characters. We will be more than happy to discuss your options of what we can and cannot create.. And it will be our honor if you consider us for your special event. Other bakers might hold the copyrights to something we cannot create or other places just don’t care if they violate the rights of creators and companies that hold those rights to characters you want replicated. At Fantasy Cakes we try to create something fun with toys so we do don’t violate any laws and yet can create something fun.

Our designs and prices

Our specialty is butter cream which has limitations when it comes to designs. Often customers bring us fondant designs they find online. If we can we will suggest a pricing to replicate the cake or suggest an alternative design in buttercream. We will do our best to create unforgettable yet delicious designs for your birthday cake as well as an enticing design for your bachelorette cake or the truly incredible wedding cakes you wished-for since you turned 12. Pricing can be established once we clarified all details.

Our bows

One of the most intriguing designs on cakes are bows. If you browse our gallery you will find different styles of bows. We offer bows made from edible paper and real ribbon bows. The pictures below show the difference between an edible rice paper bow and a real ribbon.