One of our most popular items certainly are our fresh handmade and decorated sugar cookies. Fresh dough hand rolled and cut and freshly decorated with our buttercream these cookies certainly are a mouth-watering treat and for us it is a handful of work so they don’t come cheap. Our famous cookies are a hit at any baby shower or bridal shower party. By far the most popular cookies are the baby shower cakes with the little baby buggy shaped cookies, bottle shaped cookies, booty shaped cookies and rattle shaped cookies. This is a truly distinct treat if you want a very special surprise for your guests.

for any occasion

Play the game? Won? Lost? You want to surprise your guests with something new at your football game party? Or do you expect your team to win a tough game and deserve a delicious treat? And even if they do lose after all, they deserve this treat to lift their spirit. Of course we will be happy to personalize your cookies with something like monograms etc.


We have special deals for our cookies on those dates in the year where we all have a reason to treat ourselves and our loved ones to something special. Our Eastern, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cookie designs will warm any heart you need warming up to you. Weather with our Eastern bunny and egg shaped cookies, Thanksgiving turkey and Pumpkin designs or our Christmas cookies with a variety of designs from Christmas trees to snowflakes we provide you a little present you can trust to make your receiving party gasp in awe and melt in your arms when they taste them. Don’t bring cake, bring cookies and be remembered.

For these time-consuming products our team needs to set aside extra time and hence the cookies need some lead time. We welcome you to explore our gallery for design ideas. Call or email us the date you would want the cookies and we can let you know if we can have them ready for you.