Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! And congratulations on your choice of venue. Truly enjoy the unique atmosphere at Angel Springs on your special day by making sure your wedding cake is as unique as you and complements the setting and spirit of your venue.

Choose one of these designs for just $399 with your special promotion code ANGEL and save more than $100 off the original price.

Your pricing includes delivery and set up at Angel Springs and a free anniversary cake in 2019.

For over 20 years Fantasy Cakes helps brides matching their budget with fresh baked delectable tasting cakes and affordable dream designs.

Call us today and confirm your order to enjoy these savings.


Choose the elegant yet playful ROSE SWIRL. Make your wedding cake truly unique with this design and add a floral accent or topper that speaks to the venue and your taste for beauty.
This design works perfect just by itself without any additional decorations too. A simplicity that is intriguing and fashionable modern at the same time.


Are you a modern bride with a touch of bling? Why not combine the popular NAKED CAKE with the dark appearance of a chocolate cake and give it your personal touch with gold or silver pearls sprinkled over it. Dusted with powdered sugar just very lightly this design tells your audience that you are the modern and independent person you are.


For the bride that doesn't need a magazine to know what she likes the ROUGH SPATULA design is the choice of the day. A design that has always been popular during the more than 20 years that we are doing cakes this design is the one choice that appealed to all brides of all generations. No matter what was en vogue or promoted in bridal magazines and what was the latest craze on TV and at events the rough spatula always had its constant audience of fans. Ideal for an Angel Springs outdoor set up. Nestled in what feels like the countryside your venue is just a stone throw from vibrant city live and yet surrounded by nothing but nature. This design is the complementation of that feeling as a cake. Simplicity in perfection. Not as extravagant as the rose swirl and not as daring as the naked cake.


You liked the naked cake but not the dark chocolate color? Choose the LIGHT NAKED CAKE design in vanilla bean white or yellow cake for a bright appearance. Dusted with powdered sugar this design is the understatements of understatements with a distinctive appeal. It is ideal for a modern bride. When you look back in 25 years celebrating your anniversary you will want the exact same cake design because it will be as timelessly fashionable then as it is now.


As unique as you is this design. The subtle lines give the cake the slightest of texture. Add some rustic floral arrangements like these burlap flowers and you have the perfect combination of simplicity and rustic.

Fillings and other cake flavors come at additional costs.

Decorative items like Topper / flowers/ ribbon are not included