Not only America’s classic but popular around the world, White cake is commonly known as Vanilla flavor. White cake does not only taste great, it is also the most popular cake flavor for an elegant wedding cake. With its white brilliant appearance it is a perfect contrast for our butter cream in a light off white of even better our fillings. This flavor makes that wedding cake slicing picture truly unique.
White Cake
Cake flavors
Our moist and rich Chocolate cake is a must-have for almost every party. Most of our cake designs can be split into 2 flavors for your convenience. Order this delicious rich flavor on its own or alongside our White cake in a 'half-and-half' flavor split. If you order half the cake White, half the cake Chocolate = you receive twice the fun! But be prepared to need more servings than what your guest count is because once they try the one flavor rest assured most guests will come back wanting to try the other flavor.
Chocolate Cake
Some clients call and ask ‘Is yellow a flavor?’ It sure is when you make this Classic Fantasy Cakes Yellow cake the base of your creation. Compared to a standard White cake this flavor is richer and heavier taste. Try our famed Yellow and Chocolate Marble, where chocolate is swirled into the Yellow cake. The ultimate flavor for any kids birthday party, pleasing every last guest in your audience.
Yellow Cake
Classic Red Velvet cake is the top choice in grooms cakes and special occasions like anniversaries. The flavor originates from southern USA and is a signature cake dessert at any event or party. Chose our cream cheese frosting for the perfect combination with this flavor and indulge in a truly captivating taste sensation.
Red Velvet Cake
Strawberries are among the most liked fruit so it is no surprise our Strawberry cake is in high demand. The light pink color makes it the perfect choice for any princess that likes pink inside and out for her party cake. Or us the Strawberry flavor for any baby girl baby shower cake, revealing the gender when you slice your cake and it comes out all cute and girly pink! 
Strawberry Cake