FantasyCakes Answers Questions - FAQ's

A: The longer notice you give the better. On some dates we are fully booked way in advance and cannot take any more orders. On other days we are able to have something available the same day. As we are a small team we can only take so many orders and hence sometimes we do turn down orders that come in on short notice. On the other hand we sometimes do have cancellations and can take another order although we have turned away others before. So to make sure you do get your order in with us, give us as much notice as you possibly can.
Q: How much notice do you need for a cake order?
Q: Can I get a quote online, by email or over the phone?

A: We gladly provide you a quote via email or over the phone if at all possible. For pricing we need certain details so please provide these when you email / call: : What flavor, how many servings, what date, what design (a cake from the gallery or matching a picture?) and will you need delivery?

A: We certainly aim to turn around and quote you ASAP but sometimes the day just flies and we will need a little longer. If you do need feedback immediately because your original baker is unavailable and you are in a time crunch to keep your deadline please do mention that in your communication and include a call back number. It will speed things up if you provide the following vital information for your quote: What flavor, how many servings, what date, what design (a cake from the gallery or matching a picture?) and will you need delivery?
Q: How fast will I receive the quote?

A: Our cakes are individual designs and final pricing depends on so many details that the options would be too many to click through. Please do email or call for a quote.
Q: Why can I not find any pricing?
A: Fondant, some butter crème and cake flavors and more require us to have certain ingredients available of which some are quite deer and require skilled handling.
Q: Why do certain flavors come at extra pricing?

A: We do copy a lot of things onto cakes that clients provide us. Our art is only limited by copyrights. For some things like video games we do not carry the copyrights and hence we work with toys or so called edible images. You can find plenty cakes in our gallery online where the clients have dropped off toys that we used to either create something around them or we used them as the base to replicate something. As a guideline you can assume any video game, comic and movie character to be copyrighted (Disney Princesses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, movies like Harry Potter and any Warner Brothers and Marvel characters. We will be happy to check with you how we can work around this issue.
Q: Can you match a design that is provided to you like a napkin or video game?

A: An edible image is an edible print on a sugar paper that can be used on the cake and dissolves into the fresh icing. We do not print those images mostly for copyright reasons. You can check with shops like HEB and SAMs Club as they print some images without cake orders.
Q: What is an edible image and do you print them?

A: We will be glad to take your order over the phone. If you email an order we need to call you in order to get your payment details and clarify any questions.
Q: Can I order over the phone or email it in?

A: We do have clients who pick up orders from us Saturday for events on Sunday and even Monday. So far they all praised the taste and delicious freshness. We even have clients who pick up their cupcake orders for school events the day before to be able to drop them off when they bring their kids to school. As long as the cake is not cut it will stay fresh and moist for at least 1 day if kept cool. Please bear in mind though that the design on the cake might not keep up with that if you have a very colorful design. The butter cream colors will run eventually especially if light and dark colors are worked in together. We do have certain designs that will keep well over night in case you do need to pick up the cake the night before your event due to scheduling reasons and we will be happy to assist you finding a suitable design.
Q: How long will the cake stay fresh?

A: For longer storage periods the cake is best stored in the fridge. Our cakes need to stay cool. But if your room is air conditioned below 71F you can keep the cake on the counter for a few hours. Please make sure you keep it save from pets as they love to get into the box for a delicious treat. Once you started slicing the cake it is best kept in the fridge in an air tight container. It stays moist and fresh for up to 3 days.
Q: Do I have to keep my cake in the fridge?

A: Yes, we do require a down payment. All orders placed are firm and down payments will not be refunded in case of cancellation. If you place your order with us we might refer other clients to our competition as we consider ourselves booked. But of course we are aware that life is life and things happen. We will do anything to accommodate if you need to reschedule and we will be happy to work your down pay into the next order you place with us if possible
Q: Do I need to make a down payment?

A: We accept credit card payments with VISA; MASTERCARD and AMEX. You can also pay cash on pick up for remaining balances.
Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We will be happy to take your order and note it as a cash payment. For security though we will require that you place your credit card details with us and we will at least hold the down pay on your card. You will have the option then to pay your balance with cash on pick up. If you fail to show for your pick up we will charge the entire order amount on the card we have on file. In these cases full payments will be charged and no refund is given.
Q: What if I do not want to pay with credit card but want to order over the phone?

A: We do offer delivery at additional pricing. The final pricing for delivery will depend on the location and when (date and time) you require the delivery.
Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes we do! Please visit our gallery for inspiration
Most pictures in our gallery are butter cream designs or hybrids with butter cream bases and fondant accents. If you have a picture we would be glad to look at it and estimate a quote for your special requirement.
Q: Does Fantasy Cakes do Wedding Cakes?

A: Yes again! Previous creations are published here:
Q: Does Fantasy Cakes do Groom’s Cakes?

A: We do indeed. Get inspired by browsing our designs.
Q: Do you do Quinceañera cakes and Sweet Sixteen cakes?
Q: Where is the old gallery?

A: We used to have a Cake Galley on our old website that didn't work on many mobile devices. Our new Gallery works great on your Smartphone, too, and most of our cakes can be found in the new Gallery. All new creations will be put in the new Gallery but you can still review (and order from) our old Gallery here